Manufacturer and Exporter of Home Textile Made-ups and Institutional .

Our factory is strategically located in order to maximize all the human resources and materials, and minimize the transportation costs and unprofitable time. The distribution of the areas such as weaving department , stitching department , packing/finishing department and warehousing, helps us to have an efficient line system that confirms the high productivity of the company.

Nice and comfortable sections gives our personnel a convenient place to work. We share the production and administrative processes in the same building, so we can mix all the necessary procedures and different tasks to place our products close to our clients.

Having a good knowledge and command to provide the best quality of Textile Products with our specialty in TOWEL & BLANKETS sector. We have our own weaving, sizing, raising ,cutting ,stitching and packing facilities .
With a highly professional team we provide good quality product to our customers. Our basic objective is to get the Customer Satisfaction.

Monthly Production Capacity
Terry Towels & Woven Fabrics 100 Tons
Weaving Looms
Sulzer Projectile Fabric Looms (Tapet Dobby)
Terry Auto Looms (Dobby+Jacquard)
Mav Rapier Fabric Looms (Jacquard)
50 Nos.
50 Nos.
12 Nos.
Velour Making 
Sucker Muller German Shearing Machine 01 Nos.
Machines for Stitching Units
Single Needle Juki 40 Nos.
Safety 10 Nos.
Over Lock 20 Nos.
Machines for Embroidery Units
Japan's Computerized 12-20 Heads 05 Nos.


Mir Texstyle is permanently worried about being updated with the latest available technologies and this make possible for our company to keep on as the leader in the confection market.

At Mir Texstyle , thread count is only one measure of quality. Woven on state of the art looms, fiber reactive colors and the finest quality cotton. Sewing and quality control are up to the highest standards.